Buyer’s Home Inspection

Take full advantage of your inspectors wealth of knowledge and ask questions, not only about what problems they find, but also how to care for the home.

Seller’s Home Inspection

Before you put your home on the market, this inspection allows you to catch anything that might be found in a buyer’s inspection and to address it before it is discovered by a potential buyer and compromises the sale​.


11th Month Builders Warranty Inspection

The 11th month builder warranty inspection is a home inspection performed within the first year of owning a new home and is usually completed  within the 10th or 11th month,  before the builder’s warranty expires.

Annual Property Review

An Annual Property Review provides property owners a complete diagnostic on the health of their investments.  Protect your assets with an annual review!


Radon Testing

As a means of prevention, EPA and the Office of the Surgeon General recommend that all homes below the third floor be tested for Radon. 

Mold Testing

A mold inspection will help protect you from costly repairs and hidden safety hazards. At Magic City Inspections we always conduct a comprehensive and non-biased inspection report.


Property Repairs & Maintenance

We offer residential and commercial repair and maintenance services. Contact Magic City Inspections, LLC today for a custom appointment and quote.

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